Industrial processes

Industrial processes

» Industrial processes

Our two Spanish branches are equipped with technology that allow us to transform the material col-lected. To achieve this, Hirumet relies on its expertise in the local foundries and steel mills market, as well as the technical knowledge of the GUYOT Environnement Group , to provide tailored solutions for our clients and suppliers.


We continuously invest in the renewal of our tools to remain at the forefront of technology and thus en-sure maximum material quality and a guarantee of safety for our employees.



Machinery tailored to local industry requirements

Depending on their characteristics, metals are sheared, crushed, sorted, and compacted. To accomplish this, Hirumet has a range of machinery that can adapt to the needs of our clients and efficiently prepare materials from our suppliers.





Our 1500 HP shredder, installed in Atxondo, allows us to efficiently shred metals and light scrap. This po-werful shredding tool, combined with screening equipment, polar wheels, and induction systems, enables us to sort ferrous fractions and extract non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum and stainless steel.


Thanks to these advanced technologies, we can effectively separate different materials for recycling or reuse.





Hirumet has three shears on its industrial sites. The acquisition of the METSO brand shear has enabled us to become a reference in high-density scrap cutting, such as rails and thick oxy-cuttings.


The other two shears located at the Idiazabal site are used to prepare custom materials with high-quality standards to meet the specific requirements of local foundries.






Our briquette press is an essential tool capable of efficiently processing cast iron and aluminum turnings. This high-performance machine compresses these materials into compact briquettes, facilitating their storage and transportation to foundries.







We have two bale press machines, each serving a specific function. The press located at Atxondo is de-signed to prepare non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, zinc, etc. In contrast, the second press located at Idiazabal, with higher power, is intended for laser oxycutting.