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HIRUMET, Spanish branches of GUYOT environnement

Based in the Spanish Basque Country, Hirumet has become a major player in the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals over the past 30 years.





In June 2019, the French company GUYOT environnement acquired the family-owned company HIRUMET based in Atxondo.


In April 2023, GUYOT environnement continues its external growth by acquiring the company Esnaola, based in Idiazabal, which has now become HIRUMET Idanzabal.

With its two Spanish HIRUMET branches, GUYOT environnement aims to strengthen its commercial rela-tionships with its long-standing customers while gaining access to the foundry and large export market through the ports of Brest (France) and Pasajes (Spain).

This international growth also allows the group to continue investing in all of its infrastructure, providing its customers with the performance and engineering of the most innovative tools in terms of the circular economy.





« "We are building our growth with the aim of finding outlets for our customers and independent suppliers’ products. Currently, we process 220,000 tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metals annually in our HIRUMET branches. We intend to further our development, strengthen our regional network, and continue to col-laborate in synergy with local steel mills and foundries." »


Olivier Le Fichous, Director of HIRUMET.







Collecting, sorting, recovering... and the energy to go even further


GUYOT environnement consists of 400 women and men who dedicate their energy to the service of a cir-cular economy.


For 40 years we have been collecting, sorting, and recovering waste to give it a second life. We recycle raw materials. We also transform non-recyclable waste into fuels which will produce the energy that will make us self-sufficient tomorrow.


With 18 sites in France and Spain, 400 experts in environmental fields, 800,000 tons of waste processed in 2022, and a turnover of 280 million euros, GUYOT environnement is a key partner in the Atlantic Arc region to address the significant environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.


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